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And this certainly makes it one of the best note-taking apps for Android. Moving further, it also lets you add reminders and share notes with other people. Being an Android user, you can enjoy all of its perks, including the ability to add notes or to-do’s directly via Google Assistant– just one command, and you’re good to go. And then, there’s Google Drive integration for easy online accessibility. OneNote by Microsoft is a feature-rich note-taking app for Android, which lets you take notes by text, handwriting, drawing, or clip contents from the web. You can scan documents and business cards straight into the app while having an option to add pictures and images to your notes.

Though you may not need that degree of specificity for your notes, it is a very nice feature to have. Great app, however, I would like the ability to share my lists and current there is no way to do this. I should be able to take my shopping list and share it with other colornote users so they can seamlessly open and use the list on their phones. Color Note is the best note app I’ve found.

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My search for a better note taking app lead me to ColorNote Notepad Notes. I works similar to the included iOS app and even adds multiple colors and checklists. You can also do things the iOs app did not; such as password protect, organize in your calendar, reminders, search and ColorNote Notepad Notes apk free download more. You can see the list of features in the full description below and my first thought was that it might be overkill and too complicated for a simple note taking app. I was pleasantly surprised that all of those features do not get in the way of just taking simple notes, but it’s nice they are there. The app is free and would easily be worth a buck if need be.

Perfect for anyone who has thousands of post-it notes or scribbled messages all over their desk/office/home. In the checklist mode, you can add as many items as you’d like and move their order around with the up and down buttons activated in the edit mode. After the list is finished and saved, you may check, and uncheck, each line on your list with a quick tap that generates a line slash.

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Chroma Note™ is a simple notepad app to take notes by color. Take simple colorful notes to distinguish different types of notebook, simply open your notepad whenever you have notes to take down. Color notepad makes life simple with notebook at hand. Chroma Note is as simple as a physical sticky colorful notebook, sticky notes will remind you always about that task. But far more convenient and easier to use. for paid accounts we or our billing processors collect your billing information either upon initial registration or when you upgrade to a paid account.

  • Even though you have limited ability to add links to Notes on iPhone and iPad you do have a couple of options to remove links.
  • You can capture checklists, sketches and handwritten notes, audio recordings, and images from your device’s camera or the Photos app.
  • If you need a rollback of ColorNote Notepad, check out the app’s version history on Uptodown.
  • You can easily arrange notes in different ways, create highlights and work on this app in a personalized, customisable manner without much difficulty.
  • You can download and install them directly on the Android Market from an Android phone.
  • Each note has ColorNote date because you can manage your list using the built-in calendar.

Single-click the link to open it in your default browser. 3) Tap where you want the link, tap again, and select Paste. You can add links to Notes a few different ways on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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