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There are some people who believed that this game was “Mega Man 9”, while others argued that it didn’t count and was it’s own seperate game. If you play the Mega Man games chronologically, you’ll notice that Capcom kept running out of ideas for Robot Masters. The Robot Masters in this game are Clown Man, Frost Man, Sword Man, Aqua Man, Search Man, Astro Man, Grenade Man and Tengu Man. Despite all the flaws I mentioned, “Mega Man 8” is still a pretty good game, and if you can get your hands on it, I say check it out.

  • Like Mega Man 2, the third installment was met with universal acclaim and sold over 1 million copies.
  • In fact, this reddish-toned character – who first appeared in the 1990 video game Mega Man 3 – becomes a playable subject during some sequences.
  • When I would click on the character and it would say I needed to pay!

I think the best way to start this article is to give people who are unfamiliar with the franchise a little backstory. And finally, there’s a Pachinko machine game, because of course there is. And did we mention that the aforementionedMega Man X series also has spin-offs? Mega Man universe has the most Assist Trophies across the series when compared to any other third-party franchise, with 3 in total.It also has the largest amount of Assist Trophies out of all single-character universes. The game’s arrangement of Mega Man X’s Zero theme appears as a track in Ultimate. Many of the abilities that Zero uses as an Assist Trophy, including his 3 slash neutral attack, Ryuenjin, and Kuenzan all debuted in this game.

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Rest assured, you’d like the different collections in the game. You’d also find all you want in this game, which is why you should download it now. Download the app now and create different stories in the world you create. There are so many hidden treasures for you to find in this game.

Being that this was a new generation console, the graphics have greatly improved in this game, but thankfully, it was still a 2D side-scroller . As for the sound, the music, in my opinion, is the worst in the series; none of the tunes are memorable, and the instrumentation used just didn’t work out. Pretty much all the great features from the previous games are all here.


Also in 1990, a Mega Man game for the DOS was released in the United States-only. Though the game was simply called Mega Man, it was not the same as the 1987 NES game. This DOS version was developed by Hi-Tech Expressions, a children’s game company. The game was received poorly by audiences and critics due to its differences from the original series. This began a span where Capcom would capitalize on Mega Man’s popularity by marketing it to the mass public.

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