Following the Rain

Following the Rain

Written and illustrated by Jun Mayuzuki Translated by Jocelyne Allen Published in English by Vertical

Akira Tachibana’s operating profession has started to an untimely end because of damage. Depressed, she wanders right into a restaurant where in fact the owner along with his son are type to her. She begins working during the restaurant and develops a crush on Masami Kondoh, the master.

Deb Aoki states about that manga, “It’s really a sweet tale, whilst the older guy ponders their overlooked ambitions to be an author… while the woman gets over a number of her worries after an accident that stopped her running career. It might are gross, however it’s really quite precious. ”

The art could be the house that is standard for all manga publications that attract adult visitors, character designs aren’t realistic, nevertheless the backgrounds are usually. A little nostalgic and a little cute without a sugary overload, After the Rain will do the trick for adults looking for something.

The Internets had been clear that this 12 months a trifecta of queer manga had been well worth reading.

The Bride had been a Boy

Written and Illustrated by Chii Translated by Beni Axia Conrad Published in English by Seven Seas

This comic essay by Chii is really a journal of her change, therefore the subsequent travails as she and her boyfriend negotiate Japanese bureaucracy to get hitched. The writer informs her tale in a fashion that is simple centering on the good, without ignoring the problems she encountered as you go along. This is simply not a “coming out” tale, however it is a charming log of a person’s journey to be who they would like to be.

The art listed here is sweet and sometimes childish, which matches the author’s tone, and softens the few blows where she and culture clash. Continue reading “Following the Rain”