Letter: Make it easier for cottage companies on Guam

Letter: Make it easier for cottage companies on Guam

I’m yes you have got noticed, like i’ve, that we now have more folks online offering food that is homemade Facebook teams or household WhatsApp chats. Perchance you’ve even wondered: may be the food secure?

All 50 states, Puerto Rico and also the Virgin isles have simplified laws for small-scale, low-risk meals vendors such as for example these. They are called “cottage industry” rules.

Cottage companies are understood to be company, manufacturing and/or food manufacturing that is done in a home that is person’s dwelling for small-scale sale on roadsides, farmer’s areas , to friends and family or on line. We’ve seen a expansion among these companies on Guam since the pandemic began, as individuals struggling to aid their own families are looking at innovative and revolutionary approaches to make a living.

Also before this pandemic, an example we might all be aware of is those tuba that is selling the roadside. This is from the household which makes them from coconut trees to their house or ranch home. This sort of entrepreneurship happens to be element of our tradition as long as this manamko’ can keep in mind.

As well as for for as long it has been problem-free as I can remember. Continue reading “Letter: Make it easier for cottage companies on Guam”